How many Cloth Diapers do I need?

How many Cloth Diapers do I need?How many cloth diapers you will need to buy depends upon several factors.

How old is your baby?

1. A newborn might go through 10-15 cloth diapers in a day since they poop more in the early months. Every time they poop, you have to replace the diaper. Imagine if you use disposable diapers, how much money you will be saving with re-usable cloth diapers!

2. A 6 month old baby has formed regulated pooping habits and does not poop as much now. 8-12 cloth diapers a day are enough at this stage.

3. A one year old will usually go through 6 cloth diapers in the day.

How often will you wash?

The above numbers hold valid if you plan to wash the diapers everyday. If you will wash every other day, you will need double the number of diapers. If you plan to wait for several days between washings, buy accordingly.

Weather conditions

As a general rule, babies pee more during colder months i.e. during winter or rains. Be prepared to use more diapers during colder days. You might also want to have some extra diapers in stock during monsoon, as the wet weather in India during rainy season, will delay the drying of your washed diapers.

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Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable Diapers

Cloth diapers used to be the norm, because – well, let’s face it – that’s what was available. Because disposable diapers were invented and became popular, cloth diapers became something not everyone chose to do. Eventually, it began to be seen as more work for less benefits. In India, diapering parents are clearly divided into two. First, who follow the old school cloth diapering methods of using ‘langots’ that wet all the sheets every time the baby pisses. Second, who use disposable diapers as an alternative solution. What many parents in India do not realise that modern day ‘cloth diapers’ are a much, much advanced version of our traditional prefolds and offer a much higher absorbing capacity while protecting all your sheets.

You probably think of many reasons why cloth diapers is not for you. Perhaps the cost worries you. Maybe you’re worried about messy diaper leaks of cloth diapers. Or maybe you just do not know enough about cloth diapers to even formulate an opinion.

Cloth diapers have come a long way from rubber pants and diaper pins. Today there are literally dozens of choices. For simple all-in-ones (AIOs) to prefolds with wraps (not diaper pins on most), there are many choices to keep your baby covered.

There are many benefits of cloth diapers. Here are some of the most common:

Benefits of Cloth Diapering over Disposable diapers


Cloth diapers can cost a little money to start, but in the long run cloth diaper users are often ahead of the game of the expenditure. A small investment in the beginning can save you money on thousands of rupees spent on disposable diapers that you are going to spend in the next few years. Cloth diapers can be washed over and over again and continue to work effectively until your baby is potty trained.

Better for Baby’s Skin

It is anybody’s guess that cloth is better for baby’s delicate skin. Cloth diaper users tend to have less problem with diaper rash, sore bottoms, and other common symptoms of disposable diapers parents. Fewer chemicals touching the baby’s bottom and the less likely they are too sensitive. If you have a sensitive baby, you can choose from all natural, even biological, materials to use for diapers that go to your baby.

Better for the Environment

Cloth diapers are re-usable and do not contrinute to the non-degradable waste like disposable diapers. You will, at the most, require 30-40 diapers for the lifetime of your diapering needs and even after that, cloth can still be recycled. Reduce, reuse and recycle concept means less waste for the environment.

My next point is going to be fiercely debated for some time, but in general it is found that cloth diapers do not take up space in landfills and take hundreds of years to break down.

Ease in Potty Training

Many parents will tell you that they spent less time trying to potty train and educate their children about elimination communication (EC) when they used cloth diapers. Like your grandma probably told you, disposable diapers do not give the baby an indication of wetness at all and baby takes longer to get potty trained.

Whereas, modern cloth diapers give the baby the right amount of wetness indication when full, without making the baby go cold because of wetness.

Baby Fashions!

With modern Indian parents getting more and more style conscious about their baby’s wardrobe, it is also important to look at cloth diapers as a fashion statement. Cloth diapers are cute! They come in fashionable colors and prints to match every ensemble and don’t need to be covered up with uncomfortable pants or skirts in hot Indian climates.

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